Impact Junk Solutions

En tant qu’entreprise sociale, nous faisons beaucoup plus que collecter les déchets ou que débarrasser quelqu’un de ses rebuts. Nous devons nous assurer que nous améliorons la communauté qui nous entoure et l’environnement au sens large. C’est l’essence même de l’entreprise sociale.

Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development

Le Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (CISED) a été fondé en 2009 avec pour mandat d’établir un ensemble de services de soutien pour le développement des entreprises sociales à Ottawa, dont l’accès à l’expertise technique, au financement, aux communautés d’apprentissage, à la formation et aux partenariats intersectoriels.

True North Community Cooperative

True North is a non-profit, community-based co-operative in Thunder Bay, Ontario aimed at building community resilience in Northern Ontario through a stronger localized economy. The co-operative provides an opportunity for regional producers to market their goods at a fair price and for Northern Ontarians to access quality, regionally produced foods and handcrafts.

Operation Come Home

Operation Come Home (OCH) is an innovative organization that offers a multitude of comprehensive programs and educational opportunities to clients. The organization’s mission is to prevent homeless youth from becoming homeless adults. Operation Come Home has created a unique approach that allows the youth accessing their programs to engage in a wide range of meaningful education and employment opportunities.

Waterloo Region Neighbourhood Market Initiative

Waterloo Region Neighbourhood Market Initiative refers to two current farmers markets, one in the Kitchener area, and one in the Cambridge area. New and returning vendors are invited to sell their fresh produce to locals in the community. Organic produce is available from vendors.

La Maison Verte

Prompted by a sense of social responsibility, La Maison Verte has a mission to grow quality greenhouse plants for reforestation, human consumption and landscaping so as to foster the employment of women in a stimulating work environment that promotes cooperation and innovation.

Coupons For Hunger

COUPONS FOR HUNGER is a social purpose business in London, Ontario that acquires low to no cost items for various local agencies through the donation of coupons. COUPONS FOR HUNGER serves to create both economic and social value, across all socio-economic demographics.